Wicklow Mountains

Annalise Murphy

Olympic Silver Medalist 2016

Dublin and Wicklow Mountains

Base ➤ Rathfarnham | 1 Day
Routes Suitable For ➤ Individuals, small groups and club tours
Guide Budget ➤ €100 – €150 based on one night’s Bed and Breakfast with twin room sharing

Dublin and Wicklow Mountains

Annalise Murphy

Olympic Silver Medalist 2016

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Why this trip?

I love living in Rathfarnham as there are so many great routes to do, I think one of my favourite things about the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains is I am always discovering new roads and routes!


Need to Know More?

Dublin and Wicklow Mountains

Route Rating ➤ Challenging

Distance ➤ 107 km

Climbing ➤ 1,8888 meters

Rathfarnham – Sally Gap – Laragh – Glencree – Glencullen – Rathfarnham

One of my favourite roads is the Cruagh Road, I go up here as often as possible as I think you get one of the best views of Dublin from Viewpoint! After Cruagh Road, you turn left onto Military Road and cycle along the featherbeds, watch out for sheep that tend to wander onto the road!

You stay on Military Road all the way to the Sally Gap, there’s another good climb by Lough Bray on the way and if you feel like an extra bit of climbing you can take a right and cycle up to the top of Kippure (the last 500m is super steep).

Head straight through the Sally Gap towards Laragh, this road is amazing, it’s really smooth and slightly downhill so you can go pretty fast.

When you get into Laragh there are a few places to get coffee and a scone or slice of cake! I normally stop at the Glendalough Green Café for a scone with jam and cream at this point of the cycle!

(Or an emergency can of Coke!)

Now, you can take the main road to Roundwood but the back road via Lough Dan is really nice and quiet – there’s a sneakily steep hill in the middle but it’s well worth it to avoid the busy roads! Stay on this road until you get to a T-junction and turn right (left will bring you back up by Luggala to the Sally Gap!), then take the backroad to Enniskerry which will bring you by the Ballinastoe Wood mountain bike trails. Most of this road is rolling terrain with a steep downhill at the end.

At this point you could cycle straight back into Enniskerry and get another coffee at Poppies, Kingfisher or oHSo or, if you fancy a nice steady 10km of climbing, turn left for Powerscourt Waterfall!

This will take you Crone Wood. It’s not too steep but goes on for a long time so it’s worth pacing yourself over the featherbeds back to Viewpoint. Just so I can make it to 100km, I take the right turn on Cruagh Road and go by the pine forest road to Johnnie Foxes Pub – another good spot to stop for a drink and some food! Take the left at Johnnie Foxes and continue on with some nice views of Dublin Bay. Staying left will bring you down past the Blue Light Pub until you pop out at Lamb Doyle’s. It’s all downhill from this point, straight through the lights and around the back of Marley Park and through Whitechurch until you’re back at base.

This is a super spin, particularly on a nice day. Quite a bit of climbing but there are always options to reduce that by going slightly different ways!

Hope you enjoy it!


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